We understand from scriptures that SOUL WINNING is the heartbeat of God, He describes those who participate in it as wise. More importantly, He doesn’t want anyone to perish, therefore he encourages sinners to repent from their evil ways and embrace the life of Christ.

To achieve the above, we must all see this as our personal assignment because we all have been given the ministry of reconciliation to reconcile men to Christ. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take the gospel of Christ to our immediate community and beyond.  We also encourage the church members to be both active and perceive(encourage) members of this unit.

We emphasize more than anything else to live a holy lives life that speak of the love of God making it easy to tell others about Jesus Christ.

Also the study of God’s word and prayer is a mandatory hobby for all.

Join us in this noble cause to spread the gospel which is a universal call to all that believe!