At Dominion Sanctuary,  you are welcome to function in your God-ordained calling in any of our various ministries. 

Our Children’s Church Dominion KIDS promises a fun filled and vibrant learning environment with passionate teachers and life-giving curriculum.This is where we prepare children within our sphere of influence for heaven

Dominion Teen’s Church (D-Tribe) is where teenagers are empowered to lead and overcome in life

Young Adults church have creative events that facilitate mingling while keeping the focus on Jesus. Our youths are provided various opportunities to express their talents, passions and creativity by serving in any of the following units where they are challenged to connect their faith with service to others: Dance, Drama, Media, Creative Writing, Book Club, Worship, etc

Dominion Men fellowship is where Men stand together to pray for our families, uphold each other and have fun

Dominion Daughters. Our women fellowship, is a group of real women with a heart of Worship. They are passionate about worship; warfare and they stand to watch over the destiny of their seeds and family in fervent prayers. They are not afraid to take kingdoms and territories for Christ. The dominion daughters minister to the needs of different stages in the life of a woman