When you give God all the glory, you have successfully committed Him to do the UNUSUAL. We live in a kingdom that runs on mysteries. Mark 4:11. Every issue in the kingdom is a mystery and every mystery you engage confers mastery on you in that area. And gratitude is a spiritual force that empowers you to scale higher. You can’t change to higher level without the force of gratitude.


  1. Thanksgiving paves the way for fresh impact

Every time you give genuine thanksgiving fresh oil for fresh impact comes on you. You never run dry with constant thanksgiving -Psalms 89:20-24

  1. It is the key to your supernatural victories

Every child of God carries enviable future/destiny that attracts attacks from the enemy. Gratitude passes your battle to God and you wouldn’t need to fight to win the battle. It’s no more your fight but God’s fight. -2 Chronicles 20:22-24

  1. Multiplication answers to gratitude

Every blessing (finance, healing, peace, grace, etc.) multiplies at the instance of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the mystery behind scaling unusual heights. (John 6:6-13)

  1. Thanksgiving establishes you in the house of God.

It is the mystery behind your sustainability in the kingdom of God. The grateful are never offended. Psalms 92:13

  1. Sustainable fruitfulness

When you always give God thanks, your life will never lose value. (Psalms 92:14)



  1. The breath in your nostrils has its root in God. (Psalms 150:6)
  2. Every good thing in your life has its source in God. (James 1:17)
  3. A man can receive nothing except it be given him from above. (John 3:27)
  4. Everything people marvel at in your life is the Lord’s doing. (Psalms 118:23)
  5. By strength shall no man prevail. (Rom 9:16)
  6. Thanksgiving is a MUST for a glorious future.


Ingratitude hands you over to your enemies. (Deut. 28:47-48)

Ungratefulness keeps God away from you and your affairs but attracts the enemy.

Every glory turns into shame when man give praises to himself.  (Malachi 2:1-3)

When we do not lay it to heart to give thanks to God, the enemy curses your blessings and our position will change for the worse.

Destruction. (Acts 12:21-23)

Ingratitude provokes the anger of God and can lead to destruction. The scriptures tell us that King Herod was eaten up by worms because he didn’t give the glory to God.

Many people are suffering because they did not give ALL the glory to God or they did not lay it to heart to give God thanks for whatever blessing that came their way. We should give God thanks no matter how small the blessing may be in our eyes. Ingratitude is a big risk that should be avoided.


COVETOUSNESS- Nothing is ever enough to the covetous. Always remember that nothing multiplies until thanksgiving is engaged.

MURMURING- In the natural world, murmuring attracts sympathy from people but in the kingdom of Christ, it attracts judgement from God. Murmuring will keep you at the same spot if it doesn’t destroy you.

PRIDE- The proud always think that their success is all because of their input. They never remember that they are what they are by the grace of God.

These enemies of gratitude make their victims not to see any reason why they should thank God. To take God for granted for the issues of your life is to be grounded in life.

You now have a good knowledge about the mystery of gratitude. Can ingratitude be the reason why things are difficult for you? It’s time to examine your life and make amends where necessary.

As we consciously show gratitude and thanks may God make 2020 your year of attracting great blessings and testimonies in Jesus name

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